With well-written, well-targeted and on-time communications, my aim is to contribute to the success of clients’ projects in the medical, agricultural, scientific and technical fields.


I offer customized writing services for academia, government and the private sector – ensuring that your ideas and scientific advances are communicated clearly to your target audience.

Grant support

Reports to granting agencies

Scientific manuscripts

Abstracts and research highlights

Strategic reports

Full conference support


I offer editorial services across the sciences. I will ensure that your ideas are expressed clearly, and that your text is free of errors in grammar and usage.

All document types welcome

Three levels of editing to suit all needs

Reference and journal formatting

Free trial edit (500 words) for new customers

Students and AuthorAid members receive a 40% discount.


I provide high-quality, accessible scientific content to the medical community and the general public.

Consumer health writing

Patient education

Pharmaceutical advertising

Medical copyediting

Research papers and reviews

Full conference support

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my services.