Technical Writing

I offer customized writing services for academia, government and the private sector – ensuring that your ideas and scientific advances are communicated clearly to your target audience. I have experience with a range of science-based writing projects, from academic papers to industry reports. I specialize in technical communications across the biological, medical and agricultural sciences.

RPJ Scientific offers:

Grant writing and consulting – Funding opportunities are increasingly competitive. It is critical that your application clearly communicates how your research matches the priorities of the funding program. I can work with you to generate an exceptional grant proposal that is easy to read and persuasive, and that effectively highlights the relevance, novelty and significance of your proposed research.


Reports to granting agencies – Reports to granting agencies can be as important as the proposal itself. Not only do they assure granting agencies that funds have been used appropriately – they also provide a foundation for future work. Funding extensions and/or renewals may also be contingent on the demonstration of research success. I can help you prepare reports to granting agencies that clearly communicate your scientific accomplishments.


Scientific manuscripts – Researchers are often pressed for time to publish results. I can help you prepare your abstract, case report, research paper, literature review or book chapter so that you can focus on your on-going research.       


Abstracts and research highlights – The number of published scientific manuscripts is growing exponentially. I can help you write abstracts or research highlights that emphasize the significance and novelty of your scientific advances – allowing your research to stand out from the rest.


Strategic reports – These days, scientific research moves at break-neck speed. I can help industries assess new market opportunities by critically evaluating the current scientific literature and compiling up-to-date market research.


Conferences – I provide a full range of writing services for your conference presentations (abstracts, slide presentations, posters, conference proceedings).

Please contact me to find out how I can assist with your projects.